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Prison Pastoral Services

Part of what we do here at Sowing Seeds to help the community is by offering those in prisons a pastoral service, Gram typically makes these visits himself as you need special permission to gain access to any of the prisons or youth institutes. During these visits Gram sits with the prisoners and introduces him self by sharing his life story to give them hope and to prove that there is a better path to walk down in life so long as you choose to.

One of the ways Gram instils a sense of hope into both prisoners and ex-offenders is through the teachings of the Bible and Jesus, he offers the prisoners and ex-offenders a way of making it right with God and offers them a better path to walk down, the same decision he once had to make himself.   

 Holme House

SNN3037HH_682_722033a.jpgGram was visiting Holme House every week for 15 years, he would offer the lords teaching to those that sought it and used this to help those inside find a path of discipline, a better path for them to walk on whilst inside and outside of the prison services. He hopes that during his time spent here that he has helped the lives of those he has spoken to and that he has sowed the seed of Jesus into their hearts. Gram is still  available for pastoral visits when requested and please pray for the new course starting this April.  

Deerbolt Youth Offenders institute


 Deerbolt is a youth offenders prison that houses 18 - 21 year old males who are serving a maximum of 4 years, Gram used to visit  here once a week and offered the same here as he does at Holme House which is a second chance with both God, and society on release. He teaches them the bible but also lessons on life usually with anecdotes from his own story, he hopes that he has made a difference here and those that he has helped have broken from the cycle of re-offending.

 Frankland Prison

Alpha September to December 2015. 

Before I give a report about Frankland category A Prison I would like to encourage you to never to give up on a Kingdom Project , as I prayed for 17 years to get into this prison but was always refused entry I believe Gods timing is always Best. The great thing about going into a dispersal Prison ( long term sentence) is that the same men came every week. 
The First week I went in I shared my life changing testimony of how Jesus transformed my life. 
Week 2) The subject was who is Jesus?

Seriously some men never knew some of the things about Jesus I shared with them and that He loved them.
Week 3) The subject was why did Jesus die?

This was the most interesting as a lot of the men were full of guilt and shame. When I spoke about forgiveness and told them that Jesus wanted to be their Saviour and that through Jesus your sins could be forgiven and  through the power of the Cross you can be redeemed. 

Week 4) How can I be sure of my Faith.

The men were now starting to realise that Jesus was not interested in Denominations, but in people. Our motto at Sowing seeds is ‘ Love in Action’. 

Week 5) was about reading the Bible.

There was a mixed response about who wrote it and i was able to share about how falling in love with the author leads you to love his word.

Week 6) Pray and why we pray.

A lot of Men agreed they had Prayed in the past but did not realise that they could have an intimate relationship with God in the name of Jesus. They spoke quite regularly about never knowing about a Saviour. 

Week 7) Guidance, how can God guide me? 

I spoke about being guided down the wrong path and most of the men agreed and shared their own stories on how, from a young age,  the direction of their lives was influenced by the wrong people. At least 17 out of the 20 men said if they could start over then things would be different.  ( Don't I know that )

Weeks 8,9,10)  The Holy Spirit talks ( I will never forget my own on November 9th 1996 )The Majority of the Men had never Heard about the person of God ,The Holy Spirit or that the Power of God could change you if you ask him into your life. By week 10, 12 of the men asked the Holy Spirit into their lives and said that they wanted Jesus to live in their lives and become their Saviour. As we know Jesus will never disappoint us. 


Week 11) How can I resist evil. 

This was the most Powerful as most of the men recognised this word, evil. They couldn't understand that I was still sinful and that I was not the finished article. I don't think many people had spoken to them in such a truthful way before now. Some of the men told me how sin had attracted them and that they  had committed their crimes whilst walking in darkness. I was amazed just how much they had grasped the truth. 

Week 12) How and why should we tell others. 

Some of the men had already started inviting others on their wing to the Carol service and told their own wives, girlfriends, parents and children about their new faith. This is such good news. I told them that Jesus was my best subject and if I was at school I would have got a A level, ha ha. The men were a bit upset about the reaction of the people that they had told so I told them  that Jesus had a similar response, so we were in good company. 

Week 13) The Church. 

I explained the importance of having fellowship with one another. I also asked them to continue meeting on their wings and in their cells to be together as I grew greatly because of my times with other Believers.Most of the men were already meeting up together as they said to discuss none sense (nonsense), but now had a new reason to meet. When I left I was very emotional and I left thanking the Lord for the great privilege he had given me to meet new friends and family. The funny thing was they told me how great it had been for them and how they could relate to me more than anyone else who had tried to tell them about Jesus. But it was Me who was blessed during my time spent there .Please Pray for me to be able to go back in to this prison very soon and bring Jesus to these hungry men. Thank You Jesus so much. Gram Seed


Medway Secure Training Centre

STC.jpgMedway accommodates youths that have unfortunately found themselves in trouble, this is something Gram has experienced first hand, which is why he visits here and talks to the youths and try's to provide them with a moral compass, he believes that with faith and approaching them in the right manner that he will be able to influence their lives for the better. 

Prisoner Fellowship

One of the ways we support those who are in the prison system is through establishing a fellowship with them through one of our members of staff called Jack, who stays in constant contact with the prisoners through letter writing. A lot of the people inside don't have much on the outside and this typically leads to re-offending, going back to prison and being stuck in the cycle. Through offering fellowship we're also offering a glimpse of what life can be like on the outside so long as they choose to walk the right path.