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Here at Sowing Seeds Ministries we get letters day in and day out thanking us for the work we've done to help improve other's lives, this is a space where we can proudly present the lovely thanks we receive

"Abbie got in my car tonight & told me about an inspirational speech that happened at school from a guy from Middlesbrough called Gram who made a few wrong choices in life & what he went through & tells his story about how he turned his life around. Theres many famous people kids admire but what do they teach our kids how peoples lives should be perfect, how bodies should be perfect & if they ever got chance to ask them questions about their lives they would be briefed what they could & couldn't ask. Massive respect to your brother Tracey because half way through Abbie telling me I realized it was your brother. He took time out to speak to teenagers at a very crucial time in their lives! From a Mum with teenagers & a talk Abbie fully listened to 'word for word' answered all the questions truthfully, I have complete respect for him, he will have 100% stopped a few teenagers make a few choices that they don't realize change their lives forever. Tell Gram a massive thank you from me xx"

"We were so priviledged to celebrate our wedding with our families at the Jonas Centre it was a beautiful celebration of the two of us becoming one, thank you Gram & Tasha and every one who made it so special xxx love Mr and Mrs Frost xxx"

"Thanks for the add, Gram visited us young tearaways when I was in Northallerton many years ago. Although I didn't realise it at the time and it took me another
2 or 3 stins in the nick, Grams visit had a positive effect on me, hence why I remember his talk and the fact I'm now a home owner, have a good job and
married with 2 sons. Just wanted to let Gram know his efforts do indeed pay off for many of us wayward types albiet sometimes it takes a little while later
for us to act accordingly. I'm in no way religious but I do think the world is a better place with people like Gram and yourself in it. Thanks"


"Hi Tracey, been meaning to send this message for a few weeks.
I want to thank you for getting the book & video for me.
I read the whole book in about 4 hours, cover to cover.
How can I say this Tracey?
It's changed my life, I cried for hours. I cried for Gram, I cried for myself and I cried for every single little boy and girl who ever grew up in Berwick Hills,
Park end, etc, I wept Tracey." 


"Yesterday my friend celebrated his freedom from parole. The first time he had been free in 21 years. He read your book and it has changed his life. Thank you

Gram for being a living testimony to so many, and thank you Lord for giving new life to lost souls!" 


"This is a charity very close to my heart.They do so much for families and individuals and rely solely on the kindness of donations. I had the pleasure of going to the Jonas centre this year and it was an amazing time with fantastic genuine people who are so full of love.Thank you to Sowing Seeds for having me and for the lovely people who made my stay amazing."