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The Lives We've Changed

This is the story of who we've helped here at Sowing Seeds Ministries and the testimonies of the positive impact we've made on peoples lives.

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Testimonials of the lives we've touched  

These are just a handful of the people we're helping, here at Sowing Seeds we're devoted to both Jesus and the people in the community we seek to help and those that come to us seeking help.

Jonathon's Testimony


Craig came to us as a broken man, no home, no job and no hope. After showing Craig the patience and the love of the lord he is a transformed man.

                                                                           Before                                                        After

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Nicola's Testimony


Chris's Testimony

Elaine's Testimony

Barry's Testimony

Abigail's Testimony

Louise's Testimony

Pamela's Testimony


Carol's Testimony

David's Testimony

I first met Gram at Sowing Seeds, when I first met him I wasn't really sure what he was all about. At the time I was completely broken and had issues in my life, Gram told me about a place called Betel in Hexam which I had never heard of before. The next day I arrived at Sowing Seeds with my bags packed and I told Gram I was ready to go to Betel. When I arrived I was overtaken by the atmosphere, I had never experienced anything like this before, I could feel peace and I could see from the other people in there what I really wanted in life which is to bring peace to both myself and those around me. While away at Betel I found focus and discipline in my life and walked away from both alcohol and drugs. Betel has the potential to change others lives and without Sowing Seeds I would never have been given this opportunity to turn my life around.


I came to Sowing Seeds as a lost soul, I was drinking every day, had no hope, felt I was a complete lost cause. I used to think there was nothing in life for me after losing my Granddad and not having a very good relationship with my family and mental, physical and sexual abuse. I started self harming trying to end my life. My days just consisted of going to the shop getting alcohol and drinking all day until I was asleep then the same the next day. I then heard, through a lady about Sowing Seeds and Grams story. It made me wonder what am I doing with my life? Where do I want to be in life? Do I need to be like this? I then decided to research what Sowing Seeds was all about and if they would be able to help me in any way, and what a saving grace it has been. Without this place I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing but I do know sowing seeds gets 100% and more from me and all I can do to show my appreciation is thank them with my whole heart, mind body and soul and try to put as much effort in to helping as I can.